Corinne Klemenc

Corinne Klemenc, a founding member of Pie for Two, prefers the finer things in life. She enjoys long jaunts through the brownstone-lined streets of some parts of Brooklyn, NY unless it’s cold. Going to sleep at 9:30pm is her religion. She tries her best.

A musical graduate of the University of Georgia and former elementary school music teacher, she has education and experience with instruments and humans. She likes people. If you are kind, she will like you. Say hello!

When Corinne isn’t practicing music for Pie for Two shows, you will find her washing dishes from a pile that never ends, knitting a scarf that never ends, or playing a Sims 3 household with an alarming number of cats. Corinne wishes that she could adopt a cat, but Corinne is a free spirit and just can’t be tied down, man.

Corinne’s goal in life is to enjoy what the world has to offer and to help others feel any semblance of happiness, even if just for a moment.